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The Founder has battled the public officials and the courts to gain experience. Losses and wins for claims. The best way to stop corruption is behind the scene. In the public sabotage, entrapment, R.I.C.O, human trafficking tactics, involuntary slavery have been implemented in the public without consent 

Quick Info:

At our Association we are geared towards making your family feel comfortable and safe in your home.

By submitting the proper information to assist you in your time of need.



No more forced predatory contractual agreements. No sabotage financial reports to agencies to slow down your financial obligations.


EDUCATION: Our goal is to provide as much education to you and your family on the claims, reports, problems.

The reports on the public officials can be found to be fraud and forged.


CLAIMS: Accusations from Public officials or any person in powerful positions accusations or claims is not a final sentence. Anyone can make accusations or claim against you or your family. It's not a final verdict or sentence.

REPORTING: There are agencies departments associations over the departments and courts without going public.

Quichelynn Admin
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