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Choose your pricing plan

  • Azure Gypsy Membership

    Every year
    +$50 Admin Fee
    First Time Membership - Yearly
    Valid for 2 years+ 7 day free trial
    • Yearly Access to Private Forums and Groups
    • Yearly Private Sessions for Legal Contractual Obligations
    • Submission of Disputes on your Private Family etc. Behalf
    • Yearly Access to Released Videos Audios
    • Yearly Trust Review
  • Azure Gypsy Foreclosure Claim

    Every week
    +$50 Admin Fee
    Stop the Foreclosure
     7 day free trial
    • Our Administrators will implement the claim
    • We will contact you daily or weekly with an update
    • Submit all Agency Paperwork
    • Internal Storage of your Foreclosure Documents
    • Our staff will bond and utilize the status as an Admin
  • Azure Gypsy Gold Membership

    Every week
    +$500 Admin Fee
    Private Trustee Services - Gold Standard
     7 day free trial
    • Operate and Manage your Business
    • Retirement plan - Trust and Estate Planning
    • Reconstruct your Public Contracts
    • Access to the Trustee Training videos for the offspring
    • Private Administrators Duties
  • Azure Gypsy - Free Membership

    Do it Yourself! No Cost
    Valid for 3 months
    • No Assistance - Your knowledge will guide you
    • Consultation Fee if you are a Free Member
    • Your Claims - Can be done by your family trustee
    • All Templates and forms are FREE
  • Azure Gypsy -- Homeschool Membership

    +$50 Admin Fee
    Homeschool Program
    • Online Courses for your kids
    • Private Banking - Import Export Skills
    • Telecommunication Skills
    • Computer Skills
    • Growing food
    • Building a Home in your Area
  • Basic Private Advocacy Claims

    Claims and Admin Work
    • Taxes - Bookkeeping and Accounting Services
    • Claims - Services and FAQ
    • Claims Walkthrough Services
    • Public Conversion Obligations
  • Azure Gypsy - Full Claim Membership

    Every month
    +$1,500 Admin Fee
    All Access Granted
     7 day free trial
    • Full Access to all Documents
    • FAQ
    • Full Access to Videos and Audios
    • Free Training Sessions
    • Online Account Access for Deposits
    • Private Banking Services
  • Offspring Estate Planning

    Do it Yourself! No Cost
    • We will not step in and you can form the estate
    • No Consultation to keep your copyright
  • Azure Gypsy - Private Banking

    Every year
    +$500 Admin Fee
    Deposit of Private Banking Courses
    • Private Banking Courses
    • Deposit Bookkeeping Services
    • Receipt of Statement
    • Private Courier Services
  • 5 Session Pack

    Get 5 virtual consultations to book at your convenience.
    • Stop the Foreclosure

      Get 10 sessions to book within a year.
      Valid for one year
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